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Welcome to World gourmet!

Hello! Welcome to World Gourmet.


What We Do

We travel the world building relationships with small farming communities to bring you the best tasting, most convenient, plant-based foods. Prepare your palate for a delicious and delightful journey to far off lands, so you can enjoy the best flavors the world has to offer. 

Once you taste our delicious recipes you will wonder how you managed to make it this far without them. It’s our Flavors! It took us years to develop these unique, authentic, mouthwatering recipes. Our Chefs experimented and tasted many recipes, until we were able to get them just right, just for you. Your taste buds will celebrate whenever you enjoy a World Gourmet meal!

Who We Are

Our team is passionate about making and delivering great food to great people. Our ingredients are grown and processed at origin to bring delicious food to your table.

What We Believe

World Gourmet is your partner that connects global products and you. Our mission is to eliminate the distance between healthy and delicious food.